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The Technologies we Use
  • Microsoft Silverlight

    Microsoft Silverlight is an application platform similar to Adobe Flash that we use to create rich applications for the Web, the desktop, and mobile devices.  Silverlight is designed to be cross-platform, enabling a single application to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux simultaneously.

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  • PHP Web Programming

    PHP is a scripting language that we use to create dynamic webpages.  Rather than creating static webpages that never change, building websites with PHP enables us to embed webpages with flexible content that can adapt pages to suit individual users of the website at runtime.

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  • MySQL Database

    MySQL is a relational database server leveraged by software companies like Yahoo!, Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia to store and manipulate large data sets.  We use MySQL as a backend storage system to manage our customers' application data.

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  • Microsoft .Net

    Microsoft .Net is a software framework we use to create engaging applications for the desktop.  Building on .Net enables us to prototype quickly and deliver secure, reliable, high-performing applications for any Microsoft Windows-based platform.

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  • Google Android

    Google's Android operating system powers popular smartphones such as the Motorola Droid, T-Mobile MyTouch, and Google Nexus One.  We build custom applications for use on these and many other Android devices, and for sale on the Android Market (Google's "app store").

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