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A Snapshot of our Services:

Graycode Software is a development and consulting firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company, founded by Robert Gray, specializes in web and application development and software testing. Gray has over a decade of experience in testing and development for major corporations and small to mid-sized businesses.

  • Web Design

    • Corporate websites, portals, and database applications
    • A choice of templates or new designs
    • Complete corporate websites including domain registration and hosting
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  • Internet Applications

    • Rich Internet Applications using Microsoft Silverlight
    • Web-based casual games, online tools, videos, and e-learning software
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  • Mobile Applications

    • Custom business applications for Android or Windows Mobile devices
    • Mobile games for Android
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  • Software Testing

    • Black-box functional or performance testing services
    • External benchmarking services
    • Play testing
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  • Technology Consulting

    • IT infrastructure consulting for small businesses
    • Custom software solutions and internal business tools
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