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Sample Projects and Client Work

  • NonoCube

    NonoCube ( is a 3D nonogram logic puzzle game released in 2013 for iOS and Android.

  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010

    For over six years, Robert Gray worked at Microsoft building and leading testing initiatives for various Office properties including Excel, Project, Access, Visio and more. Applications and processes built by Robert continue to serve as a central tools for Microsoft Office development.

  • was a video sharing site for gamers that integrated with YouTube, GameTrailers and other popular gaming destinations to create an index of popular videos across the web. The site was built with a small team led by Graycode and included full web 2.0 features such as commenting, sharing, user profiles and blogging functionality.

  • Bug Tracer

    'Tracer' is a web-based bug tracking system for personal or enterprise use. Personal users can utilize the site as an ongoing to-do list; for enterprise or small business, the tool serves as an effective bug tracking system for projects in development. Tracer is currently available on a per-user license basis. For licensing information please contact us.

  • QuickMute

    Android phones can have up to eight separate volumes that must all be managed independently. QuickMute makes it easy for users to quickly set volumes for common tasks, including alarms, ringtones, notifications, and everything else.

  • Financial Reporting and Visualization

    Graycode was contracted by CAF Environmental Solutions to create a web-based reporting package that integrated with the company’s financial systems and showcased customizable graphics of ongoing business performance. The completed package is available for license from Graycode today and integrates with Quickbooks, Excel and other data sources. Please contact us for more information.


    Vain is an independent art and hair studio in Seattle, Washington. Graycode completed on-brand html templates for outbound email campaigns and newsletters.

  • CC Bandwidth Monitor

    ‘CC’ is a bandwidth monitoring program that helps users avoid throttling or overage charges from their internet service provider by tracking total bandwidth consumed. The program was created when numerous cable companies began to implement caps to broadband services.

  • Firefox "Save It" Extension

    Graycode completed a FireFox extension that will quickly mark, download, and package together web data for later viewing.