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Tuesday, May 7. 2013
This section of the Graycode Software site is dedicated to perspectives on computer programming, game design, the products and tools we use, and other aspects of the indie game industry. We are super passionate about what we do, and only some of it can fit inside the games themselves. ;) Here are some topics we hope to discuss:

Game design and development: What makes a game fun, challenging, or addictive? What are some of the tradeoffs that we see the industry making, and what tough decisions have we been faced with while creating our own games? Here we hope to share some of the insights we've gained from looking at both our work and that of others.

Tools and tricks: There are a number of challenges facing indie developers today, and a number of tools have been emerging to help us. We'll share the solutions we've found for multi-platform publishing, supporting multiple languages, tuning game performance, and so on. From Unity to version control to image editors, we'll let you know what's worked for us!

Indie game industry: If you're a game developer starting out today, you know what it's like to be a tiny drop in a rapidly growing bucket. Things are changing quickly, and we'd like to share with you our thoughts on the past, present and future of indie games.

Software best practices, testing, and bugs: There are many paths to creating good software, but there are definitely some techniques that Graycode Software has learned or developed from our years of coding, the occasional close call, and other rare moments of heightened self-awareness. We plan to discuss bugs found in our software (and others' work) in the hope to improve the state of software engineering.

Product news: We also hope to exploit this section for future shameless promotion of Graycode products as well as a window into the development of our projects in progress.


- Gray
Founder, Graycode Software